Snow Plow Operator Safety Training

To increase efficiency and safety by reminding the participants about the constant hazards facing snow plow operators performing winter work in less than ideal conditions. Ensure operators understand the requirement of pre-use equipment checks and to provide management with the due diligence required. This course applies to those vehicles that do not require drivers to have a AZ or DZ licence.

Theory Course Content

  • The Act and the regulations, MTO Guidelines and Standards
  • “Competency” requirements
  • Circle checks
  • Being prepared for the conditions i.e. fatigue, visibility
  • Variety of plowing equipment used
  • How to manage grades
  • Plowing should not be a contact sport i.e. poles, cars, mailboxes etc.
  • What to do if an accident does happen
  • Defensive driving challenges

Practical Training

  • Conduct a circle check
  • Demonstrate plowing and operational ability
  • Mounting and dismounting the plow

Training time needed – Full day or 8 hours

Recommended participants – Experienced as well as new plow operators.

Location – We conduct the training at your facility utilizing the equipment and procedures familiar to the participants. Please contact us if you need further information on this program.