Emergency Planning for Power Presses & Robots

Would your organization be ready if one of your operators became trapped in a piece of machinery? Most people think that by calling 911, all of your problems will be solved. This is not necessarily the case! Employers are obligated under the concept of “Due Diligence” to be prepared in the event that this happens. This course establishes the groundwork to start becoming prepared.

Participants will learn:

  • Various component of mechanical and hydraulic presses, their function and operation
  • CSA code regarding Emergency Planning for Presses & Robots
  • The different ways that someone may get trapped
  • Appropriate tools and equipment to achieve a rescue
  • Team members and their responsibilities
  • Analysis of other machines or hazardous conditions
  • Understanding the air counterbalance
  • Releasing the brake of a robot
  • The proper use of jacks
  • Using the ram adjust to free someone in a press
  • Releasing someone using the power of the machine
  • First Aid challenges and how to deal with them
  • What is needed to develop a procedure that works
  • Shop floor demonstration

This is a hands on, one-day program that is designed for Maintenance Personnel, Engineering Staff, Health and Safety Committee members and shop floor Supervisors and Operators. Up to 15 participants can attend this session.

Each participant will receive course material and a certificate of participation.