Backhoe/Loader Operator Safety Training

This program teaches participants the principles involved in the safe operation of a Back Hoe.

Theory Training

  • Legislation and competency requirements under the OHSA
  • Back hoe features, controls and safety equipment
  • Stability
  • Capacity plate and location
  • Preoperational inspection and start-up
  • Workplace specific hazards
  • Traveling with and without a load
  • Traveling safely on public roads
  • Loader handling and techniques
  • Back hoe techniques
  • Planning the job including job site security
  • Locates –above and below grade hazards
  • Grading and compacting
  • Trenching and shoring
  • Ramps and grades – “do’s and don’ts”
  • Attachments
  • Seat belts
  • Case Studies

Maximum of 20 participants in a 8-hour session.

Practical Skills Training and Evaluation

Maximum of 6 participants in a 4-hour session.

Training and Evaluation includes:

  • Pre-operational inspection and start-up
  • Review of machine controls
  • Traveling with and without a load (including pedestrian safety)
  • Site set up
  • Load pick up and handling
  • Digging techniques

Participants should have some experience with the equipment prior to the course.