Mobile Crane Operator Training 0-8 Tonnes

This course has been designed to give the participants a basic understanding of the safe operation of Mobile Cranes. These would include; articulating (knuckle) boom, telescoping boom, radial boom derricks (RBD), sign erectors & boom truck operators. There is extensive classroom and practical teaching and evaluation.

Theory Portion

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act & Construction Regulations
  • CSA Z150-98 Safety Code on Mobile Cranes
  • Manufacturers Operating Manuals
  • Unit Pre-Operational Inspections
  • Basic Hydraulic Functions & Holding Valves
  • Operation of the boom
  • Load Charts, load materials and equipment re-location
  • Stability & Set Up
  • Weight Calculations
  • Basic Rigging Techniques (rigging accessories,  sling angles, synthetic web slings, fibre ropes, knots and hitches, chain slings)
  • Hand Signals
  • Maintaining Records

Practical Portion

  • Actual pre – shift inspection of the mobile crane
  • Actual driving, positioning, and elevating of the crane
  • Practical demonstration of various rigging situations
  • Participants skills are evaluated, corrected and tested
  • Final Quiz

Who Should Attend
Workers and supervisors who operate any type of mobile crane. Participants should have at least 100 hours of hands on experience to take this course. Maximum 8 participants per class. All participants who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of participation. The employer will receive a record of training for their files, test results and copies of all certificates.

Length – up to 2 days in total divided between theory and practical instruction

Equipment and Facilities
We need to have access to a training facility that can accommodate the number of participants. Equipment required – dry erase board/flip chart, screen/appropriate wall to project images on.

We must have available during the training, the actual equipment that participants operate.

All participants must be wearing appropriate PPE – Safety Boots, Hard Hats, Safety Glasses and a tape measure and calculator.

We are not responsible for providing facilities, equipment, lunch and refreshments.