Traffic Control Training (Book 7)

This program is designed to teach participants the methods necessary to development an effective traffic control program in order to protect both workers and general vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Participants will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • An overview of legislative requirements, especially sections 67-69 of the Regulations for Construction Projects, The Ontario Traffic Manual for Temporary Conditions (Book 7 and Field Edition) & the Handbook for Construction Traffic Control Persons
  • Appropriate machinery, equipment and protective devices (including clothing) needed to carry out work in accordance with legislative requirements and safe work practices
  • Hazards related to the specific road work conditions and situation
  • Calculating traffic volume
  • Specific traffic control measures and procedures
  • How to develop, write out and read Traffic Control plans
  • Protective equipment to be used
  • Traffic control signs and signals: conditions of use and their operation
  • Component areas of a temporary work zone
  • Responsibilities of the traffic control person(s)
  • Standard hand signals used to direct traffic/vehicles
  • Recommended practices for setting up a traffic control system safely and manning a traffic control post

Who Should Attend: Staff who have supervisory duties or persons in charge of a project

Length: 4 Hours

Class Size – Maximum 20 in a class.