Confined Space Entry Awareness Training

This is a one-day program that is designed for all workers, supervisors, managers, engineers and health and safety committee members. The purpose of this program is to teach participants the legal requirements of Confined Space Entry as well the details of their specific program.

It is best suited for groups of no more than 20 people.

Theory Portion:

  • What is a confined space
  • Review of your current policies and procedures
  • Understanding of new Confined Space Legislation
  • Standard safe practices
  • Roles and responsibilities including the attendant
  • Entry and exit
  • How to conduct a risk assessment using your procedures
  • Use of on-site entry equipment (lanyards, belts, harnesses etc)
  • Use of site respiratory equipment (SCBA’s, respirators)
  • Use of on-site testing and monitoring equipment
  • Use of on-site entry permits
  • Air monitoring
  • Air replacement – passive versus mechanical
  • Case Studies

Practical Portion:

  • Actual Confined Space Entry
  • Set up of Tri-pod
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Use of Air Monitoring devices
  • Attendants Role
  • Completing documentation