Arc Flash Awareness Training

ARC Flash is a major contributor to death or critical injury as a result of electric shock. Workers who work with electricity need to know how to protect themselves from this potentially high risk condition. This course provides the basis for an effective electrical safety program to protect owners, mangers, supervisors and workers.

Participants will learn:

  • Introduction and Overview of the Electrical Safety Program
  • Hazard Analysis / Risk Assessment / Risk Reduction
  • What is Arc Flash, Arc Blast and Limits of Approach
  • Requirements under OHSA Reg. 851 and CSA Z462-08
  • Limits of Approach and Arc Flash Incident Energy Protection Boundaries
  • Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment (PPE) Categories
  • Electrical Shock Contact Hazards (Identification /Avoidance )
  • Applying the Hazard/Risk Category Tables from CSA Z462-08
  • Work Shop 1: Review the Electrical Shock Hazard Analysis Flow Diagram for determining Risk Group
  • Work Shop 2: Live Troubleshooting and Permits
  • Optional Workshop 3: Safe use of electrical meters checklist and ESA video
  • Path forward discussion to complete the OHS program

Who Should Attend – Workers and supervisors who perform any electrical repairs. Special emphasis is on those people who work on live power.

Length – ½ Day Session Training, the session is ~ 4 to 5 hours