Industrial Crane Operator

This program will teach operators the safe operation of cranes, slings, lifting points and attachments so as to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing the risk of product damage, property damage and accidents.

This course will:

  • Meet the Occupational Health and Safety Act requirement by ensuring that operators of lifting devices are competent persons
  • Improve material handling practices
  • Increase operator’s confidence on these type of lifting devices


  • Legal requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Industrial Regulations
  • Pre-Use/Shift inspection
  • Load limits and capacity
  • Safe distances
  • Lifting, moving, placing loads
  • Standard safe practices
  • Controls and basic operation
  • Use of chains, slings, spreader bars, grabbers, and other attachments

Note – This program uses a PowerPoint method to teach, test and certify operators. Both theory and practical testing are conducted.

Length – The theory portion is four hours with up to twenty-five people. The practical portion averages 20 – 30 minutes per person based on skill level and experience. Approx. – 8 – 10 people in a 4 hour period.

Who should attend – Crane operators, Supervisors JH&S Committee members as well as back up operators of bridge and jib crane