Chain Saw Safety Training

For those people, who as part of their day-to-day job may need to operate chain saws, they are a great tool and time saver. They can also be very dangerous. This program gives users of chain saws a fundamental understanding of their care, operation, and safe use.

Participants will learn:

  • Hazards associated with the use of a chain saw
  • In depth routine maintenance
  • Chain brakes – how they work and when to use them
  • Fuel mixture and chain lubrication
  • Setting up the chain for cutting
  • Sharpening your saw
  • Different types of chains and their purposes
  • Safe practices of using a chain saw
  • Bucking & limbing
  • Kickback, pull ins, push backs.
  • Typical faults and remedies

There will also be a practical aspect to the training where participants will learn how to operate a chain saw safely using the required personal protective equipment (PPE), methods and procedures.

Length of the Program – 1 day

Number of Participants – max 8 -10 participants

Participants must bring their own chain saws for the purposes of demonstration. They must also have their own safety glasses, safety boots, hearing protection, face shield, safety pants/chaps and gloves.