Lift Truck Operator Safety Training

This program teaches participants the principles involved in the safe operation of a Lift Truck. Included in this program are propane & electric counterbalance and reach trucks. It can be customized to also include other types of lift trucks such as narrow aisle and rough terrain.

Theory Training

Maximum of 24 participants in a 4-hour session. Participants will learn:

  • Legislation and competency requirements under the OHSA
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Operating manual
  • Lift truck features and safety equipment
    • Stability
    • Capacity plate and location
    • Preoperational inspection
    • Start-up
  • Traveling with and without a load
  • Pedestrians Safety – who has the “right of way”
  • Load handling
  • Ramp and grades – “do’s and don’ts”
  • Personnel lifting, lowering and supporting. Proper use of lifting cage
  • Elevators & railway docks (optional)
  • Workplace specific hazards
  • Procedures for shutdown/leaving the operator’s position; and refueling/recharging.

Unique training & evaluating procedures using a power point presentation with photographs of actual forklift scenarios.

Practical Skills Training

Maximum of 12 participants in a 4-hour session. Training and Evaluation includes:

  • Preoperational inspection; start-up; traveling with and without a load (including pedestrian safety); load handling, including load selection, security, pickup, placement, stacking, destacking; and handling specific to docks, trucks and rail cars (optional);
  • Driving on ramps and grades; personnel lifting; using elevators (optional); shutdown; and refueling/recharging.