The Construction sector is a high risk, high health and safety demand type of business. Compliance Safety Solutions provides on site training for a variety of different topics and equipment. We understand the Construction business and the challenges for Employers Supervisors and Workers in trying to keep everyone safe and at the same time getting the job done. It’s all about recognizing the hazards before someone gets hurt and taking that extra second to reduce the risk of an injury.

In addition to this, we have consulted with small and medium sized contractors to help them try to make sense of what is required to have a diligent health and safety program. We put together a Health and Safety business plan based on the needs of the Contractor and the demands of the marketplace. Many of our clients have used their Health and Safety Program as a means of acquiring more business – it has put them in a more favourable position.

Skid Steer

Participants in this program will learn the safe practices of operating a Skid Steer. They will recognize and evaluate the hazards associated with Skid Steers and understand the methods of operating them safely. Learn More

Back Hoe

This program teaches participants the principles involved in the safe operation of a Back Hoe. Learn More

Wheel Loader

This program teaches participants the basics of Wheel Loader Operations. Learn More

Confined Space Entry

This is a one-day program that is designed for all workers, supervisors, managers, engineers and health and safety committee members. Each participant will receive course material and a certificate of participation. It is best suited for groups of no more than 20 people. Learn More

Chain Saw

For those people, who as part of their day-to-day job may need to operate chain saws, they are a great tool and time saver. They can also be very dangerous. This program gives users of chain saws a fundamental understanding of their care, operation, and safe use. Learn More

Fall Protection

This 3.5 -hour program is designed for all managers, supervisors, workers and maintenance staff. An idea class size is up to 15 participants. We conduct this program in your facility or job site, on your schedule, utilizing your equipment, procedures and situations familiar to your people. Learn More

Mobile Crane

This course has been designed to give the participants a basic understanding of the safe operation of Mobile Cranes. These would include; articulating (knuckle) boom, telescoping boom, radial boom derricks (RBD), sign erectors & boom truck operators. There is extensive classroom and practical teaching and evaluation. Learn More

Traffic Control

This program is designed to teach participants the methods necessary to development an effective traffic control program in order to protect both workers and general vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Learn More

Hoisting and Rigging

This is a one day course has been designed for all managers, supervisors, workers and maintenance staff. An idea class size is up to 12 participants. We conduct this program in your facility or job site utilizing your equipment and situations familiar to your people. We require a TV/VCR, overhead projector, screen, flip chart/dry erase board. Learn More

Snow Plow Operator

To increase efficiency and safety by reminding the participants about the constant hazards facing snow plow operators performing winter work in less than ideal conditions. Ensure operators understand the requirement of pre-use equipment checks and to provide management with the due diligence required. This course applies to those vehicles that do not require drivers to have a AZ or DZ licence. Learn More

Snow Plow Training for Pick-ups and Small Vehicles

This program is designed to teach participants the skills and methods necessary to operate light duty snow removal equipment. Learn More


This program is generic in nature and gives participants a basic understanding of the WHMIS Legislation. Testing is mandatory under law and a pictorial test is conducted at the end of the program, which complies with the legislation. Employers need to review with their staff the specific requirements of the “controlled products” being used in the workplace. Learn More

Trenching and Shoring

The Ontario Construction Regulations requires that all personnel that have to enter trenches and excavations be trained in the recognition and safe practices of those specific hazards. A competent person must also be on site to direct those activities. Learn More