Health Care

According to WSIB, there are more accidents in the Health Care sector than there are in Construction! The Health Care industry by its nature has the potential of being a very dangerous place to work. Not only do they have the typical hazards that you find in most places of employment – mechanical, electrical, etc., but you have to add to that biological, chemical, and a high incidence of Violence in the Workplace. Our focus is three-fold:

  • First off, getting Management to understand the need to focus on Worker Safety and by doing so, they get Patient Safety for FREE!
  • Second, teaching Supervisors the need to ensure that rules are clear and are followed by all, in spite of the fact that Workers might find themselves in a high risk situation
  • Finally, teaching Workers about the dangers of working in this type of environment and the risks they take by not protecting themselves.

We deal with support staff and front line medical staff. We have worked with Health Care Institutions in getting their Health and Safety program up to speed and running!

Due Diligence

This is a one-day program that is designed for all Directors, Managers, Supervisors, and Health and Safety Committee Members. Companies have used this seminar to jump-start their Health and Safety program. The ideal class size for this program is up to 25 participants. Learn More

Accident Investigation

The primary objective of this program is to acquaint participants with investigation methods used when all types of accidents occur – personal injury, property damage, and near misses. In addition to this participants will learn the basic principles used in incident/accident investigation procedures in order to achieve the most desired result – prevention of re-occurrence. Learn More

Effective Supervisory Development

Supervisors are the most important group in any organization to get things done. Weak Supervisors result in weak organizations with poor result. Strong Supervisors result in successful organizations that excel above all others. This program recognizes the importance of Supervisors and how to make them more effective. It is divided into two sectors. The first is to teach Supervisors about their responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Under the Act, employers must ensure that Supervisors are Competent. The Ministry of Labour has established some guidelines for Competency. This program has been designed to deal with these issues.

The second part of this program is designed to teach Supervisors the skills they need to be more effective. This effectiveness goes beyond health and safety. These would include; conflict resolutions, effective group and individual communications, effective management styles and much more. Let us discuss what your Supervisors need to be more effective.