Arc Flash Audits

An electrical arc develops in milli-seconds and could result in an enormous discharge of electrical energy. This may result in serious injury or even death to a worker who is not properly protected. Arc flash temperatures can reach 20,000°C! The massive energy released in the fault rapidly vaporizes the metal conductors involved, blasting molten metal and expanding plasma outward with extreme force. In 2006, eight workplace fatalities and 18 critical injuries occurred in Ontario alone, reports the Ministry of Labour’s Electrical Incidents and Occurrences Summary.

Our staff of engineers, electricians and master electricians have extensive experience in this area. We will audit your facility according to the guidelines outlined in CSA Z 462 in order to determine not only the arc flash risk but also determine the level of protection that is required for people to work safely on electrical installations. Once the audit is complete we will make recommendations not only to improve the safety of your electrical installations but also the best way to protect your electrical staff.