Confined Space Audits

Confined Space legislation has been in place for a number of years both in Ontario as well as under the Federal Labour Code. This legislation was developed in an effort to try to make it easier to understand the legal requirements. However, in spite of this, many employers are still unsure how to deal with the subject of Confined Spaces since in many cases it is still a matter of opinion.

We have extensive Confined Space experience and we have helped many employers both in the private and the public sectors deal with this subject. We tour the facility, identify the spaces that are Confined Spaces based on the legal definitions and our interpretation versus restricted spaces. We also make recommendations on how the organization is able to handle Confined Spaces in a way that is simple to understand but with the primary objective of protecting workers.

The Employer is given a comprehensive report that they can include in their future Confined Space Training. We will also look at your Confined Space Program to ensure that it is legally compliant and is user friendly. This needs to be dynamic in its content as well as easy to understand. We can help you achieve this as well. If you’re not sure about the whole subject of Confined Spaces, contact us at your convenience!