Facility Audits

This type of audit is usually conducted by employers who want a general appraisal of their facility. We look at this as the first step in a relationship with a new customer. Typically employers want to know” how are doing?”

We look at things such as:

  • lighting
  • housekeeping
  • fire safety/exits
  • layout (from a safety perspective)
  • storage of flammable chemicals
  • storage of materials and finished goods
  • floor conditions
  • rest and eating areas
  • elevated work areas
  • and much more!

We take into account the Occupational Health and Safety Act and best practice to help us establish good benchmarks.

The Customer will receive a comprehensive report with photos identifying areas of concern and non-compliance. We will also categorize these from what we consider to be High Risk to Low Risk. As part of this service we will meet with Senior Management to review the report and discuss our findings.