Machine Safety Audits

Punch Presses, General Machinery, Robots

Employers are often unsure if their equipment is not only safe to operate but also compliant under the law. We excel in this area. We have conducted many of these audits over the years. We have audited press shops, machine shops, chemical processes, electronic assembly, wood working, warehousing and much more. Because of our extensive industrial background along with our excellent understanding of the legal requirements for equipment, we can advise employers on the safety state of their equipment. We take into consideration the Occupational Health and Safety Act, CSA Z 432-04 Safeguarding of Machinery, CSA Z 142-10 Code for Power Press Operation, CSA Z434-03 Industrial Robots as well as industry best practice.

We will look at items such as guarding, control reliability, components and general machine conditions.

This is seen as an excellent Due Diligence tool and a pro-active approach.

We will provide a machine by machine report identifying non-compliances that need to be addressed. From this, we can work with the employer to put a game plan together to get on the “right track”.